Local Memberships

The following memberships are now available from 1st October 2021. We offer monthly direct debit memberships as well as annual one-off payment memberships! The membership options are shown below and you can sign up online using the link below.

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Memberships & Prices – 2021/22

Please note, Highlands End Leisure Club is not open to the public. Highlands End Leisure Club is a members-only facility. To use the club, you can select from our Membership or Pay-As-You-Go Membership options below.

If you’re not sure how often you can visit the club or if you’re just getting started, our Pay-As-You-Go Membership gives an excellent value option. If, further down the line, you find you are using the club more frequently, you are able to upgrade your membership.

Adult Couple memberships are for 2 people living at the same address and paid by the lead member.


Steps to becoming a member

  1. Sign up online here, or at the Leisure Club Reception (Family memberships must sign up at the Leisure Club Reception)
  2. On your first visit, please allow extra time to make any outstanding pro-rata fee for the remainder of this month and to complete the direct debit digital signature on our tablet (direct debit memberships only).
  3. If you have chosen our annual one-off payment, this fee will be payable on your first visit, via debit, credit card or cash.
  4. If you have ticked yes to anything on our Exercise Readiness Questionnaire (online only), please bring any requested medical support documentation with you
  5. Download the FitSense app to your mobile phone and select Highlands End Leisure Club. Your app contains a unique QR code for each member, which must be scanned upon entry, each time you visit the Leisure Club.





I’ve joined by Direct Debit online – what do I do next?

On your initial visit to us please allow yourself an additional 15 minutes to complete the paperwork here at the Leisure Club.  We will ask you to ‘digitally’ sign your membership agreement and direct debit mandate on our tablet, and any pro-rata fees that are payable will be due at this time too – we will ask you to make a one-off payment on our card machine.

Your first direct debit payment will be taken on the 1st of the month following your joining. (Please note if you join after the 19th day of the month then you will be asked on your first visit to us to make a payment of the initial month of your membership subscription in addition to the pro rata payment as the Direct Debit cannot be processed in time for the 1st of the following month).

Please note that if your Direct Debit fails on the 1st of the month the company will attempt to re-draw your monthly membership fees approximately 2 weeks later.  If this payment also fails you will be asked to settle your ‘arrears’ on your next visit to the Leisure Club.

Direct Debits will show as being paid to ‘Clubwise’ on your statements.


I’ve joined online- choosing a one-off annual payment– what do I do next?

If you have chosen a one-off annual payment we will just require your payment via our till, and your digital signature on your first visit to us.  Please allow 15 minutes extra to complete this on your first visit.


What is the Fitsense App?

To use the Leisure Club you will need to present a QR code which is generated by the Fitsense App.  Simply download the Fitsense App onto your smartphone, log in with your email address and you are ready to get started and enjoy the benefits of being a member with us!


I don’t have a smartphone – how do I check in?

If you do not have a smartphone we can provide a membership card, with a unique QR code, for you to use.  You will need to present it every time you wish to use the Leisure Club.


I highlighted yes to a medical condition upon joining – do I need to provide any paperwork to prove I am happy to exercise?

We ask that you seek medical advice if you suffer from a condition that may be affected by your exercise goals whilst being a member with us.  We are unable to offer advice on the suitability of our facilities to you personally.  If we have asked for any support documents please bring them with you on your first visit and we will note them against your membership details with us.


I would like to apply to freeze my membership

If you wish to freeze or cancel your membership please refer to the Leisure Club Terms and Conditions. These were emailed to you when you initially joined us.  It is possible to freeze and cancel with 30 days written notice, outside of your initial commitment period, to Highlandsreception@wdlh.co.uk – please note there may be a small charge to make these changes depending on circumstances.


I wish to change my contact, privacy or membership details

You may email us notices via Highlandsreception@wdlh.co.uk or on your next visit to us speak with one of our Leisure Club team who will help you make changes to your membership or personal details.